Thursday, 6 October 2016

Darkest Africa Game 2 - Wilkinson Vs the Slavers

Ahead of picking up a copy of Congo I organised another game of Darkest Africa game using the Triumph and Tragedy rules. 

The scenario was from Wilkinson vs the Slavers as presented in war games illustrated.

The explorers had heard gun shots and were rushing to save a trader and his wife under fire by some agitated Zanzibaris.

Everything else apart painted by me apart from the the Hex based trees by Chris, and some pre-painted baggage.

The Jetty had been repainted form a much darker Brown and the Zanzibairi'ss had some new colourful leaders.

The trading post from the river

The Zanzibaris approach from the jungle

Sneaking closer

Open Fire!!

Closing in on the trader

The camp is theirs, now who has a lighter!

Part of the rescue party

The trader and friends escape, leaving his wife to the mercy of the Zanzibari's
The Zanzibari's managed to take control of the trading camp having failed in their objective of killing the trader. Unfortunately in the confusion they forgot to set light to the camp (the secondary objective) and fled in the face of the reinforcements.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Darkest Africa Game 1 - Wilkinson Vs the Slavers

Some pics from last years Darkest Africa game using the Triumph and Tragedy rules. The scenario was the first one from Wilkinson vs the Slavers as presented in war games illustrated.

Azande by Chris, everything else by me apart from the Hex based trees, again by Chris.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

SELWG Darkest Africa Game

At the recent Selwg show there was a spectacular Darkest Africa game based with the Belgium Force Republic attacking Arab slave traders.

A few Pictures follow, plus it may have encouraged me to restart my painting,

The large trees built from dowel and realistic model trees and the scratch built tembe my favorites.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Defending the village - A TSATF battle report

The British commander was ordered to clear out the village held by the Dervish at the side of the nile.

Deployment was secret with a sheet dividing the table in two. This was the first time I had used this method despite gaming for some nearly 40 years. It worked quite well with the British unsure what they would encounter when they finally saw the village.

The dervish were able to dig in and form zeriba walls to improve their defensive portions

Another close run game with the British advancing onto Dervish rifle fire and aggressive counter attacks. The British could have held back as their rifle fire has greater range but they pushed on and as a consequence lost the battle. 

The Dervish deployment. The warbands on their left flank deployed forward and held back the British attack. They also decimated a impetuous cavalry charge.
The British left wing including baggage animals

The Dervish defences
A Dervish warband having sneaked out the village out of sight of the advancing British launch their surprise attack

The Dervish hold the village against the British assault

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Sacred Oasis - TSATF Sudan Battle Report

The Table Layout. The British had to take the sacred Oasis the Dervish defend it.
The Mahdi overseeing operations
The sacred Oasis and tomb
Advancing onto the village
The Mahdist defend the village

Defending the village
The British Destroy the Mahdist assault

The camel corp head into an ambush

View from the Oasis

The rifle armed Mahdist protect the right flank from the safety of the wadi

Troops hidden in the wadi exposed by the cavalry scouts

The British left flank advancing to the wadi


The ambush is sprung

The camel corp is destroyed by 2 warbands