Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Sacred Oasis - TSATF Sudan Battle Report

The Table Layout. The British had to take the sacred Oasis the Dervish defend it.
The Mahdi overseeing operations
The sacred Oasis and tomb
Advancing onto the village
The Mahdist defend the village

Defending the village
The British Destroy the Mahdist assault

The camel corp head into an ambush

View from the Oasis

The rifle armed Mahdist protect the right flank from the safety of the wadi

Troops hidden in the wadi exposed by the cavalry scouts

The British left flank advancing to the wadi


The ambush is sprung

The camel corp is destroyed by 2 warbands

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Masai on the BBC

An absolutely stunning series of pictures of indigenous tribes on the BBC web site 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Massing the Masai

A quick post of my latest batch of 10 Masai. That's 30 in total completed and another 50-60 including villagers to go. I will also be adding a small batch of rifle armed skirmishers (rifles from Empress Miniatures), probably not historically accurate but they may well need the to stave off the explorers and slavers.

I also started work on long grasses and a coral for the Masai cattle.

More to follow with my target to finaish the Masai that I have in 2014,