Sunday, 19 August 2012

Darkest Africa - Planning the Expedition 2.

Following on from the post by ZM and his 'stocktake' I thought I would add where I am up to now...

I have now finished all the bases on my Darkest Africa figures! I also re-attached several erroneous native shields and spears and touched up a little bit on some with minor chips but got too dark to pick it all up so will try to do more over the week. I still have about 30 unpainted European types but I think we have plenty enough to be getting on with already! I also have a handful of bearers and African villagers to work on.

So, my latest DA stock take is -


Askari x53
Europeans x20
Native bearers x4
African villagers x7
African warriors x39 (well, 15 of which are in progress)
Zanzibar Slavers x10
(British Redcoats x56 - Zulu War British that could be used at a pinch?)

Unpainted / in progress:

Askari x11 (based and undercoated)
Zulu (as tribesmen) x36
Europeans x30 (based ready for undercoat)
British Redcoats x20
Lions x3 (have based ready for undercoat)
African Villagers x7
German Marines x10 (getting there!)
German Officers x4 (almost done)

Almost finished two African cattle. Also painted up a nice 'tower of skulls' and picked up various boxes and crates etc for the explorers. 3 Renedra tents to do plus whatever generic terrain I pick up.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Darkest Africa - Planning the Expedition 1.

My intention is to get a few more figures painted and run the Darkest Africa campaign as published in Wargames Illustrated.

A quick count revealed:-

Zanzibari, including canon 34

Explorers 30

Askari 24

Sikhs 10

Bearers 7

Pack Donkeys 2

Belgian Officers 9

Belgian Askari 4

German Officers 5

German Askari 10

Slaves 4

Wichdoctors 2

The Red Skull 1

Lizardman (with German flag) 1

Masai 5

Total 148

A couple of VSF figures thrown in there but quite a good start and I probably have a similar number bought and ready to paint.

A Belgian Adventure?

The famed Belgian adventurer and explorer Igor "Cannibal" Dumont de Chassart and his Askari guard.

'Cannibal' Chassart.

His personal assistant Lunedechaddy brings the chilled (of course) Wallonian wine. His bodyguard, Junior Yohan (in the headwrap) stands dutifully in the back.

Askari guard.

Figures are Foundry.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tarzan and Family.

Tarzan and family by North Star Miniatures. The second Tarzen I have painted the last one being the made by foundry, and yes there are two Chetah models.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Lady Katherine - Into the Heart of Africa.

Count Leopold Arnauld d'Ansembourg, Lady Katherine Hazel and Major Tibor Hamilton-Parker prepare to lead their party into the heart of Darkest Africa...

The Count, The Lady and The Soldier...

The Europeans and their loyal Askari bodyguard.

Figures are Copplestone and Foundry.