Monday, 5 September 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Back in 2005 I completed a number of Jungle terrain pieces. Well over the last week or so I thought it was time I finished a few more. So two week later (roughly 10 hours) I am now the proud owner of 28 new jungle terrain pieces which I believe are better than the first set.

Cost of materials

Bases - Free
Sand - £1.57
Paint - £5.00 (around 25% used)
Flock - £2?
Jungle Plants - the GW set was £30 but I have picked up around £10 of odds and ends since (whenever it was really cheap). Still have quite a bit left.

In total these pieces cost less than £10 excluding the Jungle plants, with quite a bit of material left over for more terrain, and no need to ever buy more GW base sand.

Knowing that I would need a lot of sand and wanting to avoid the cost of the GW pots (> £5 each) I bought a bag of sharps sand. This comes in very large bags and is quite damp so needs to be dried out.However this will happen even if just stored in doors for a few days. One tip is to sieve it before us. I used a metal food cover as a sieve which I bought from our local pound shop.

Being in a hurry I poured some out and dried it in the sun.

The base for the terrain was made using CD cases, scrap wood and a bit of scrap polystyrene packing material cut down with a hot wire cutters. I roughly covered this with some wall filler.

Once dry they were covered with sand, roughly spray painted black then painted brown and dry brushed brown with a bit of white added.

Then it was just a case of adding the jungle terrain pieces (aquarium plants) with a hot glue gun and covering the bases with some flock.

The final result looks good to me with an intrepid explorer only too glad to be seeing the end of the jungle.

You can see one piece of my orginal attempt which has different coloured flock, but still fits in.


wardy-la said...

Andrew, that is absolutely superb! Can't believe how much there is - really looking forward to using this and seeing a few more of your Darkest Africa miniatures painted up...

Sidney Roundwood said...

Very smart indeed. A very impressive prodiction line. And they really look the business - extremely versatile as well!

Furt said...

Really nice looking terrain and tutorial. Great work.


Rob89 said...

Great terrain and tutorial. Keep on with it, your blog is growing up nicely!