Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tiger Miniatures and more Germans

Finished painting up some Askari with a field gun bought 2 or 3 years ago at the woolwich show. The figures are Tiger Miniatures which are better in the flesh than their website gives them credit. The range for colonial purposes is mainly limited to WW1 era German troopers but I am tempted to buy some more when and if I ever decide to expand into WW1 in Africa. Of particular interest is the Askari mule train as you can never have too much baggage.

The askari mountain gun and 3 crew that I have painted up very easily. I tried to match a colour that Mark has on a section of Askari he bought. My final choice was GW Desert Yellow washed with Devlin mud and highlighted up with Desert Yellow. A quick painjob but very effective. Just need to finish the gun.

Some good historic pictures of geman askari here.

As Mark has just posted his German, here are mine

The Red Skull converted from a Belgian and a GW plastic skeleton head.

His Venusian servant carrying the imperial colours (an old Rafm Cast, I would like more of these if still available)

Copplestone Officers

German Askari bring home slaves for the Skull

German Askari forward to war.


wardy-la said...

Very nice - quite a good German force we have now!

Ant Master said...

Especially if you add non uniformed Askari.

Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful work, really love the Red Skull!

Kelroy Was Here said...

Good looking stuff.

Looks like RAFM still sells that Venusian. Look under Fantasy Miniatures -> Reptiliads at

Robafett said...

Reptilliads at

Joseph S. Ramirez said...

Ooh! Red Skull! Nice!