Friday, 30 December 2016

Congo - The Last Queen of Aksoum (Adventure 1).

Played two games of the excellent new Darkest Africa game Congo: Adventures in the Heart of Africa.

This was essentially a (slightly) modified version of "The Last Queen of Aksoum" from the scenario bulletins.

We played this as a 4-player game, with 2 on each side. Robafett and I took the British for the first game with Andrew and Chris leading the Zanzibari.

The scenario essentially entails a hardy group of British explorers and their allies having to escape the table carrying a prized artifact. A Zanzibari group plans to stop them and take the artifact for themselves.

Through some successful movement and deployment of a protective rear guard, the British (led by the maverick explorer Lord Roberts) made it off the table with the artifact and fairly minimal casualties. Despite their plundering of the British camp, the greedy Zanzibari were unable to stop the explorers from escaping and took several casualties.

For the second game go to Adventure 2.

Figures from Wargames Foundry and Copplestone Miniatures owned and painted by Andrew and myself. Terrain and scenery by Andrew and Chris.

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